Since 2009 The British Wildlife Photography Awards have showcased some of the finest images captured by photographers practising in Britain. The 14 categories, including Botanical Britain, Young People’s Awards, Coast and marine and Wildlife in HD Video, are inspiring, thought provoking and highlight the natural wonders right on our doorsteps. Subjects range from familiar favourites to rare and elusive floral and faunal gems.

Categories include:

Animal Portraits. Photograhs that capture the character or spirit of the subject in an imaginative way revealing the animal’s ‘personality’.

Animal Behaviour. Showing unusual, interesting, amusing or remarkable behaviour, or showing familiar behaviour in a new light.

Urban Wildlife. Wildlife in our towns and cities, parks, gardens and backyards.

Hidden Britain. Reveal the secret universe that is life on a small scale – a life that is all around us but rarely seen (invertebrate animal species only).

Coast and Marine. Imaginative photographs that reveal the nature or behaviour of marine wildlife, or create a sense of place or occasion, including marine and maritime species near the sea, underwater, at the sea shore and coastal zone.

Wild Woods. Images celebrating the beauty and importance or sheer splendour of our British woods including portraits of woodland wildlife, breathtaking wooded landscapes, seasonal scenes, intricate details of plants and images that show the relationships between species and habitats that occur within our woods and forests.

Habitat. Powerful portrayals of the importance of the environment and ecosystems that sustain the wildlife within them including animals, plants, and the relationships between them.

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