Erarta Galleries New York presents Art Russian Roulette, gallery game and Private View on April 23rd 2014.

In this art of chance, guests will be invited to participate in the thrill of unexpected fortune at Erarta Galleries. Art Russian Roulette is a flirt with destiny determining who will acquire an Erarta artwork at the end of the night, purchased at an exclusive “jackpot price”. Selected players will be competing to triumph and commit to a painting from the Private View Collection on show that evening.

The event has been designed to experience and feature the upcoming exhibition of newest works by the Moscow Artists and their unique voices.

The Moscow Artists featured are: Evgenyia Buravleva, Irina Filatova, Egor Plotnikov, Evgenyia Kosushkina and Pavel Otdelnov and showcase both large scale paintings and miniature artworks:

Evgenyia Buravleva , Moscow: …
“Traditionally Paris is beloved by everybody and Moscow by no one…”

Irina Filatova , The Universal and Mine: …
“Russian people believe in the cyclicity of life as well as the infinite repetition of the “eternal myth”…

Evgenyia Kosushkina , Moscow: wide, beautiful and vain ...:
… “Huge, strong, powerful and generous” …

Egor Plotnikov , Infant Confusion …
“Life planning and forecasts do not always come true and everything is possible. Just like it was in the childhood. The artist invites the audience to go back to the childhood, to forget about previous experience and responsibilities and to build new relationships with the world…Plotnikov focuses his talents indoors recreating scenes of selfreflection and figurative representations in his works…”

Art Russian Roulette artworks actually reflect the roulette scenario - chance and the unpredictability artists encounter in their creative process. The Moscow Artists take risks as they dialogue between instinct and intellect capitalizing on opportunities and realizing their visions through action of strategic colors and mixed media. These selected artists address themes such as identity, global perspectives, luminescence and childhood imagination in revealing their Moscow in its beauty and vanity.

This selection represents creativity in the making and we invite you to participate in “chance in the making” on this opening evening by following creative decision and the unpredictability of inspiration.

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  3. Eugenia Buravleva, Checking of documents, 2012, oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm
  4. Egor Plotnikov, Three Figures
  5. Evgenyia Kosushkina, Taganka, 2012, oil on canvas, 175 x 155 cm
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