An exhibition of 14 renowned contemporary glass artists.

The idea for Spectrum was inspired by New Glass Ancient Skill, an exhibition held at Blackwell House in 2013 which was a survey of emerging talent from the UK.

Spectrum highlights new work emerging from Edinburgh College of Art, the whole United Kingdom and also includes glass artists from Denmark, Norway, South Korea, Costa Rica and America. There is a broad range of technical skills and innovation demonstrated within this exhibition, combining both traditional and new technologies with examples of collaborative work, highlighting the diversity of the field. The curatorial approach seeks to present different stories and ideas and transcend the traditional studio context. Spectrum is a celebration of The Gallery’s commitment to emerging and established talent.

Artists include: Scott Benefield, Juli Bolanos-Durman, Karen Browning, Katharine Coleman, Heather Gillespie, Choi Keeryong, Vidar Koksvik, Dante Marioni, James Maskrey, Lisa Pettibone, Michael Ruh, Angela Thwaites, Tora Urup and Andrea Walsh.