We are delighted to present Elizabeth Jane Campbell's debut showcase at The Scottish Gallery.

Elizabeth graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013 and this is her first showcase at The Scottish Gallery. She was recently awarded the Guild of Enamellers’ 2014 Bursary and the Scottish Incorporation of Goldsmiths Bursary by Edinburgh College of Art. Elizabeth is currently Artist in Residence at Glasgow School of Art.

Her creative process is informed by concepts of visual literacy. The dot, line, shape, direction and colour are all crucial factors as they act as a language for us to read and understand our surroundings.

Elizabeth is attracted to enamel because of its methodical process which allows her to achieve colour, pattern and texture in a formal and structured way. Her love of this technique has led her to explore alternative materials in her work not normally associated with enamelling such as the ceramic honeycomb. She uniquely uses this material as a carving block which enables Elizabeth to create tactile and sculptural forms enhanced by colourful enamels.