Owczarek is fascinated with the influence of new technologies over human life, particulary within urban space. Focusing on the issues of mechanization and standardization, he tackles them in an antiutopian style, depicting the total capture of the spirit by the machine world. His art has also been influenced by surrealism, shamanism, gnosticism, alchemy, the content of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Initial part of his work is to create idea, significant reflection and then he makes a sketches of the potential work. Next he combines all sketches into one, coherent universe. Then he uses his computer to flesh out the final sketch. The final point is to create the digital collage. He usually works 12-14 hours per day. Because of paying huge attention to details, with biggest formats (100x200cm) it takes him three months to finish one artwork, with smaller works (80x80cm) two- three weeks.

He takes inspiration from many different dimensions, where the most significant are: travelling and conversation with other people. The great value of inspiration for him is also reading (books, newspapers). He observes the dystopian, rapidly changing world around us and documents his reflections. It is also very important issue for him to travel a lot. The reason is that he needs thousands of single photographies which he uses later in his works.

In case of characters he employs for his collages, for example animals, he treats them as symbols or allegories. In this way they reflect human's virtue or imperfection. In many of his images he uses birds since they symbolize the human soul trapped in the mortal body. Other example which he uses very often is raven. The raven has significant reference. In many cultures this bird appears with many higher attributes for example it is believed, that raven can be trained to speak and then being an oracle. Ravens were also messengers of Gods.

In making art he wants to grip this moment on human history, between the terror of passing time and beauty of immortal Soul. This kind of atmosphere he tries to create.

Marcin Owczarek was born in 1985 in Wroclaw, Poland. Currently lives and works in Belgium. For more information: