An exhibition of two parts: oil paintings and watercolours by Perpetua Pope, demonstrating her own career as an artist and the works of art she collected over her lifetime.

When someone attains a good age, and Perpetua Pope had just celebrated her 97th birthday when she died in May 2013, there are perhaps few to mourn; peers have passed away and the world has contracted. Not so for Perpetua; she was a conscientious friend with a warmth and openness that attracted all, regardless of age or profession.

She was a painter and many artists are numbered among her friends. To these she was generous, even deferential, and she admired and collected many others’ paintings, as this exhibition amply illustrates.

She worked in oil and watercolour, like many of the Edinburgh School, dividing her energies between the two media, never letting herself become stale or lapse into repetition.

This memorial exhibition, featuring her work and her collection pays tribute to one of the most enduring and warmest personalities in the Scottish art world.