Everybody is talking about democracy. Even the worst dictators are trying to hide their bloody reigns by describing them as democratic, while protesters all over the world show that people’s interest in political participation is rising. But what is democracy? Are we talking about the same word and meaning? Is democracy beautiful? Or is it an expression of the banal wishes of the masses? What would principles of democratic aesthetics look like or do they already exist?

The Swiss artist duo Alex Meszmer & Reto Mueller are starting a search for democratic beauty and are inviting the public in Bologna to a week of action, followed by an exhibition at Studio Cloud 4. The audience is welcome to participate actively in the installation of Meszmer Mueller and the artists will collect statements, ideas, wishes and hopes in written, audio, photo or video. There will be panels about democratic beauty, a demonstration of beauty and democratic photo shootings.

The visitors are asked to pose for a series of photographs referring to Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo's painting ‘Il Quarto Stato’ and Joseph Beuys’ ‘La rivoluzione siamo noi’, wherein Meszmer Mueller use icons of political art as blueprints for the series that will be taken during the action week.

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