Heskin Heskin Contemporary is pleased to announce There is no Land but the Land: Graham Durward and Mary Schwab.

This collaborative exhibition wherein the works are discrete yet move towards a place shared by a similar investment in materiality. A poetic representation of space in relation to the figural outside of representation; not quite objects not quite sculptures not quite paintings. These vessels are full of holes often expressed through an excess of vivid color and formlessness. The figure is a space in the sea of possibilities, chance. There is no land but the land.

Graham Durward's recent paintings can be seen as something that lies over reality varying from apparent abstraction to descriptive figuration. This body of work derives from things touching, often using paint itself as a reference-they may be part of a bigger picture. Graham Durward has exhibited internationally and throughout the US. He will be having a solo show at 33 Orchard Street gallery in New York in May. This is his first time exhibiting at Heskin Contemporary.

Mary Schwab's interest lies in the multiple levels of representation between temporal and permanent events and objects both manufactured and natural. Her work has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions in New York. Her current practice uses a wide range of materials including photography, casting, drawing, salt, water and flora. This is Mary's first exhibition at Heskin Contemporary.