The Brick Lane Gallery is proud to present our third Contemporary Painting for 2014, featuring 8 talent artists visiting us from the four corners of the world including America, Russia and Italy. This exhibition brings together an explosion of colour and intensity, showing the diversity in which paint can be used to communicate a visual conception, dream or reality. We are very excited to have the stunning atmospheric pieces by Brian Batt who combines aspects of classic portraiture with pop cultural iconography and has previously sold work to Reese Witherspoon and John Krasinski. This exhibition will show the surreal and atmospheric works by Sabina Caceres and Stefano Rauzi to the bold and colourful optical effects of linear distortion and abstract expressionism created by Pete Greening and Deeya Mirchandani, this exhibition boasts a diverse variation of works that proves to have something for every visitor.

Brian Batt is an east coast native currently based in New York City. Immediately upon graduation, portrait requests started coming in. References were often photos of family members that had passed away, occasionally, children that had died tragically young. When the paintings were finished, the surviving family members would be overwhelmed with emotion, reeling from likeness and spirit that were captured. The power in these moments had a profound impact on Brian and led him to pursue portraiture more seriously. He began painting in the pixelated/mosaic style that Chuck Close trail blazed, interpreting the technique through his own style. Pointillism or Pixel Pointillism involves applying distinct dots or squares of pure colour in patterns to form an image. Whether working in photorealism or pointillism, Brian combines aspects of classic portraiture with pop cultural iconography. He explores the idea of an image consisting of thousands of smaller shapes, each shape being essential to the larger picture. His paintings have landed on the walls of John Krasinski and Reese Witherspoon and his work is regularly commissioned for important galas and charity events.

Deeya Mirchandani is a London based artist, but with roots in India and Nepal, she has lived in West Africa, Canada and the United States. Deeya is fundamentally inspired by nature, and the diversity of designs it can bring from the organic to the geometric. In her Abstract Expressionist oil paintings Deeya explores the surface in a playful way that uncovers multiple narratives within. The palettes and textured marks are left open to both the recognizable and the otherworldly.

Edmund Bayliss is another London based painter who primarily focuses on figurative painting. In this body of work Edmund aims to show his figures and landscapes in ways that often blur with the abstract. Finding the correct sharpness of line and flash of colour to capture someone’s personality, or the mood of a place and time, is what drives him to create his art. Edmund’s portfolio consists largely of pieces in oil on canvas, however he does also work in pastel and charcoal, often utilizing very dark, but warm colours; building in layers to create atmosphere.

Everly Dark from Bristol has always been fascinated with birds and their ability to defy gravity. From a young age Everly envied this magic and constantly found herself staring up to the unattainable sky. In her painting included in this exhibition she has been influenced by her fascination and frustration by our earthly restrictions, incapable of experiencing that freedom that only birds can know. This is a metamorphosis of that inner longing escaping its confinement of the human shell.

Pete Greening is a British, self-taught artist who has had many group and solo shows around the country. Pete’s paintings explore the optical effects of linear distortion and arithmetical progression. The patterns and colours used are carefully selected to create either an optical illusion of movement, or to create a feeling of tension on the surface of the painting. Some paintings have recently been used as covers for the first three releases in a series of limited edition 12’’ vinyl LPs by the German record label Drone Records.

Roberto Chessa lived and grew up in a small town on an island in Italy until he was 33 when he then discovered London and it’s ability to welcome you with its immensity and intricacy and forces you to change. Roberto’s brush strokes go through space without constraint, so therefore space is permeable to colour. He endeavors to communicate how are permeable we are to the environment, and our inevitable but varied journeys we pass during our life cycle. In London we are permeable to our environmental but we somehow don't mingle with others making the same journey around us.

Sabina Caceres is a London based artist raised in the multi-ethnic family of Russian and Cuban origin. One of the most important aspects of a painting for Sabina is the atmosphere created, which aims to provoke the desire to feel the painting rather than interpret it. She is not only interested in collecting fragments and creating a different reality as a way of recollecting the past but also in changing it and looking at it from a different perspective. On one side her work addresses psychological states of human mind and concerns its vulnerability and strength. On the other, it always seeks to show aesthetic beauty but in a different, twisted way.

Stefano Rauzi is an Italian artist who believes that instinct, other than making the action of painting is more interesting, surprises and satisfies somewhat more than planning and executing. Every painting reveals an aspect of the world and of man, reawakening an awareness, which allows the capturing of what is inside and outside of us. For Stefano painting represents numerous things such as ventilation, work, therapy, research and a cure. His inspiration itself is derived from thoughts and reasoning sensations, revelations, momentary impressions, which at times are false and ways of seeing the world and people. Instead of searching for a way in which to define his pieces, Stefano prefers them to speak for themselves and that each observer experiences and feels something personal in correspondence to their sensibility and humanity.

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  1. Sabina Caceres, Fun Fair, oil on aluminium, 140 x 100 cm
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  3. Deeya Mirchandani, Chakras, oil on reclaimed wood
  4. Roberto Chessa, The Kiss, acrylic on paper, 60 x 41 cm
  5. Brian Batt, Questlove, oil on collaged canvas, 60 x 48 inches
  6. Stefano Rauzi, Portrait N.56, oil and acrylic on canvas, 120 x 150 cm