Marlborough Broome Street is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by New York based artist, Roland Allmeyer.

*How do you make paintings?
I make paintings from memory. The process of selecting images or memories for me is automatic. I choose those I feel most strongly about. But I don’t think images should be bound to a singular idea. I think of images as stationary objects and ideas as constantly revolving around those objects. The ideas I see revolving around these objects may or may not include: chaos, time, decay, urbanity, suburbia, alienation, dreams, perception, childhood, fraternity and class.

Do these paintings speak to each other or are they singular pieces, independent of one another?
I sometimes like to pair or group paintings but I am not trying to create a narrative. Any correlations emerge naturally. I try to think of each new painting as a chance to do something different.

Why do you make paintings?
Painting is a necessity for me at this point. Things come to me and I try to capture them. The process is kind of ritualistic.

Interview by Vera Neykov.

Roland Allmeyer (b. 1984) lives and works in New York. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cooper Union (2006).