A contemporary art exhibition displaying the work of young Norwegians across the UK.

Maren Reese produces images that serve as symbols of culture, and attempt to reflect common Western understanding of its own culture, along with that of other countries. Familiar, everyday objects and scenery serve as symbols of cultural aesthetics, often with a humorous tone. Through collages of painted objects and revealing the canvas on which the paint has been applied, the viewer is asked to question what is a depiction of reality and what is imagined space. In the more recent works, the idea of the “tropical” is being explored, and the way the work is crafted suggests that there are frictions between the way non-Western objects and aesthetics are being appropriated. The works can appear both literal and cryptic, as the viewer is faced with longstanding understandings of objects and a new take on how we read this information. An ironic tone forms a backdrop on which heavy subjects regarding cultural heritage and globalisation can be discussed.

Vilde Rolfsen is a BA photography student at Kingston University in London. Born and raised in Oslo Norway to a ‘use and throw’ culture which has had great impact on his work. She explore issues regarding commercialism and consumerism, using essential household objects like plastic bags and sponges. Rolfsen creates unnatural environments by taking well-known, every day objects away from their original purpose, creating images which are sometimes surreal to look at in the process.

Ane Barstad Solvang is a 22 year old satirist. Creating art keeps her sane, it is the only way she can state her opinions in a civilized way. Her works often depicts a dystopian society, commenting on popular culture. Solvang has been compared to Hariot Pushwagner and is inspired by Munch, Gaudi, Telemark, George Orwell, the Jante Law, Black Humour, Expressionism and mental health. She was born and raised in the industrial coastal town of Porsgrunn, Norway.