Terrorism, capitalism, construction and destruction: the story of one building in the City, 1993 – 2013.

Studio1.1 presents first solo exhibition by artist Amanda Loomes, 4–27 April 2014. Spoil and Fill is a moving image project and installation revealing the dramatic story of 80 Bishopsgate, a building destroyed by an IRA bomb in 1993, rebuilt, and subsequently demolished in 2011.

A personal project for artist Amanda Loomes – who previously worked in the construction industry and was a site engineer on the re-building of 80 Bishopsgate before beginning her career as an artist – Spoil and Fill is also Loomes’ largest project to date. Drawing from the artist’s archive of documentation on the building and historical footage of the city, a video is projected onto a wall built from 144 concrete test cubes in the gallery which stands minutes from the location of the bombing. In addition the installation comprises a pop-up book by artist Marenka Gabeler and texts from writer Charmian Griffin, these works were developed in collaboration with Loomes in response to investigations into ruins, facsimiles and decay.

Loomes’ work often focuses on the overlooked workers of our daily lives – cleaners, factory workers, foresters, chimney sweeps, billposters, builders – through her videos and installations she makes poetic connections and exposes extraordinary stories, offering new perspectives on our everyday world. With Spoil and Fill she hones in on the story of one building and reveals it in a highly personalised way as a microcosm for Capitalism’s doomed cycle of destruction and construction, of levelling and beginning again, of spoiling and refilling.

“Capitalism permeates our lives, yet in its ideological dominance it often remains incomprehensible. On some level we are aware that Capitalism needs to destroy value in order to create value; dead labour caught in a perpetual loop. Every now and then something happens to draw attention to this cycle.” Amanda Loomes

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