In Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography, we are introduced to artists for whom both developing and sharing their vision is paramount. We are able to engage with their insights and also revel in their eye for beauty, connecting to a fresh perspective on the world in which we live, and which these images refuse to allow us to take for granted.

Featured Artists

Lorenza Aranguren
Michael Berry
Stephen Best
Steven Blandin
Emily Calkin
Sophie Chemla
Violette Cici
Louis Cotto
Michele Davino
Kat Dennis
Gökçe Erenmemişoğlu
Liz Hernandez
Heather Hummel
Jim Irwin
Courtney Kinnander
Ela Kurowska
Shokoufeh Malekkiani
Pablo Fernández Márquez
Jane Olin
Kyleigh Pitcher
Boyd Prestidge
Francisco Pulido
David Reinfeld
Wendy Smith
Tim Stani
Makoto Takami
Andrew Thomas
Richard A. Usanis
Alex Wright