Brin Thomas has selected fragments of images produced over a three year period. In some a starting point is a failed drawing in others its pixelated images of protest pulled from a YouTube clip. Images from solitary walks around English moorland and valleys appear through the figures. An experience outside a church gave shape to a previously unfocused set of multimedia experiments. In others a falling figure from the London riots is met half way by a rising figure of Christ. Old works are resurrected and experiences are layered and fractured sometimes to reveal new meanings otherwise unseen.

Dan Hills‘ uncompromising images ask questions of who we really are under our skins and challenge us to confront our ideas of self-image. Images of conflict and victims of war appear through the familiarity of our own skin. A series of works which deal as much with the innocent victims of conflict as it does with our own person battles with mortality.Dan Hills will also be collaborating with Brin Thomas on a short film exploring the same themes.

On Thursday 17th April the Opening Night Private View kicks off a week of activities and performances, setting the agenda for the week’s events and gives the focus for the week’s open studio. To celebrate the start of our week of events we will have readings from Poet and spoken word artist Geneviève K and Tim Haler, the most creative mind working in Compliance, who will be reading an essay on the theme “to serve”. Plus live music from singer songwriter Steve Folk to finish off the evening on an emotive note.