Spring is a joyous time of year and this exhibition is full of the joys of spring and will appeal to anyone who is young at heart. artisan is delighted to welcome an exciting group of artists who capture the light and promise of spring. For the past five years artisan has bought together a diverse range of talent each month to make it the most creative corner in North West, London.

Clare Beaton
Clare Beaton works as an illustrator for children's books and a vast range of other products such as posters, greetings cards, Advent calendars and slotted card items. She works mainly in hand stitched fabric collage (which is then photographed) drawing on a collection of vintage materials, buttons, braid and other bits and pieces. The work in this exhibition is original artwork from her two latest board books published this month. Books will be available as well as her ‘Nice Mice’ sewing kits.

Pasquale Cesare
Pasquale studied fine art in Rome with the painter Cesare Tacchi and the art historian Lorenza Trucchi and has exhibited in Rome and London. His approach to stone carving occurred in southern Italy where he found the rough surface of an extinct black tufa suitable to carve primitive figures. Pasquale enjoys the use of natural local material and his carving method is direct. The use of hand tools aids the understanding of the archaic process of carving and the beautiful forms that can be achieved.

Andrea Ghaddar
Andrea works with semi-precious stones as well as gold and sterling silver. She has an intuitive sense for colour, shapes and proportion. Her approach to design varies: sometimes she has very precise ideas of what she would like to create, other times she just lets the stones speak to her, mixing and matching them and seeing where they take her.

Maria Merca
Irish born artist Maria Merca has been exhibiting and selling her glass in Covent Garden for many years. Her clients are international with many returning to her to add to their collections. Her work is unique and striking with a bold use of colour and a captivating subject matter.

Lynn Moulding
Lynn’s happy animals are designed to make you smile! Her aim is to capture the natural features and characteristics of the animals combined with comical expressions and simple lines. It's a pleasure to work with such a cute subject matter and a never ending project as there are so many animals out there to draw! She hopes they make you smile too!

Racheal Parfitt
By day, Rachael designs and illustrates children’s books for an international publisher, but in her free time she gets her greatest pleasure from creating original graphic and illustrative works. A trained calligrapher, Rachael has exhibited at several venues around London.