Over the past 22 years since settling in West Cornwall on the most westerly peninsula of England, Cornishman John Brenton has continuously drawn inspiration from this beautifully rugged area producing paintings in oils which capture his fascination for his native country.

Living a mere stone's throw from Sennen beach, which benefits from the renowned unique quality of light which permeates as a direct influence of the surrounding Atlantic ocean, he can often be seen with brush and canvas encamped on the beach or cliff top recreating a turbulent shoreline or sublime summer vista.

He conveys his response to the landscape through a rich textured oil technique adapted to portray the dramatic coastal and woodland features using a combination of palette knife and brush simultaneously. The resulting paintings typically exhibit rustic hues which interlink with striking bands of ultramarine and white echoing the topographical patterns and forms that are naturally evident in the Cornish region. He says:

'My inherent compulsion to paint is perpetually sparked by the inspiration I absorb from my surroundings. The transitory effects of the weather, consistently Atlantic driven, provides an ever changing atmospheric variation on the often familiar locations where I go to paint and am influenced by.'

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