Anni Gallery is pleased to announce the Park Young Dae Solo Exhibition for a month from the 1st to the 31st of May in 2014.

When Park Young Dae and I were at the vernissage of the Logos Gallery in London for his exhibition in 1997, we met a young woman, a curator dealing with the Eastern Asian arts for the British Museum. A few days later, one painting of Park Young Dae was taken to the British Museum.

A few years ago, I happened to see Park Young Dae at an exhibition in Seoul and overhear that he had been heard from his acquaintances that visited the British Museum that they were excited to find his work mounted on the Korean section in the Museum.

It was exhilarating to guess that thousands of visitors from all over the world can access his painting in the Museum.

Park Young Dae's outstanding achievements in his art world have been acclaimed not only in Korea, but also in Japan, its neighboring country. Even in Europe, his fame will be expected widely known, though he has hardly had chances to show his works since British Museum Collection.

Park Young Dae's paintings have always been featured with 'the barley' as his everlasting theme. No other images have given us such strong and impressive impacts than his barley images.

Barleys were the main grain cultivated by most farmers when Korea was suffering from poverty and staying underdeveloped. The artist has been grown with goofing off on the barely fields in his childhood. So the barley image has helped the artist have it engraved into his mind through his whole life.

Looking to many of his works from the past to the present, we find many variations in his barley images from realistic expressions to abstract ones.

It would be impossible to establish such achievements without his endless artistic inspiration and passion. They are a vindication of his distinction as a great artist.

I, as the owner of Anni Gallery, am happy to have an occasion to illuminate a part of his artistic career through this exhibition, which runs the entire May of 2014.

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