Kerlin Gallery is pleased to announce Samuel Laurence Cunnane and Ryan Moffett – the fourth and final part of Fortnightly Features Presents.

Although a self-proclaimed 'documentarian', Samuel Laurence Cunnane’s work holds, in essence, a nuance and aesthetic sensitivity rarely found in contemporary photography these days. The artist’s gaze seems to shy away from the desires and confrontations of the real and the immediate, instead wishing to seek clarity in the ‘in between’, the unnoticed. Tinged with melancholy, these photographs take-in the fringes, the build-up, the aftermath; never the moment, never the turmoil, the anger or the ecstasy, just its remnants.

A recent BA Photography graduate of IADT, Dublin (2011), Laurence Cunnane’s work uses analogue photographic techniques, printed by hand by the artist. His work has featured in projects and exhibitions including the screening Portfolio, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France (2012); Listen, Block T, Dublin (2011); and The Invisible City, The Joinery, Dublin (2009).

The practice of Belfast-based Ryan Moffett explores the topics of representation, authenticity and fiction. Using photography and video, Moffett creates fictional narratives influenced by factual events, exploring the perceived ‘truths’ held within research rich spaces such as documentary practice, museums, national geographic magazines, anthropological texts, and zoological gardens. Moffett’s video Hood is composed of a series of still photographs, appropriated footage and a narrator’s voice over. It follows a fictional tribe as they carry out a surreal ritual; harvesting DMT from a member of the group – the chemical DMT is the most hardcore psychedelic drug known to man.

Moffett completed his MFA in the University of Ulster in 2013 and is currently Graduate in Residence at the Flax Arts Studios, Belfast. Recent exhibitions include The Faraway Nearby, F.E McWilliam Gallery, Co. Antrim (2014); Strange Loop, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (2013); 1⁄2, Platform Arts, Belfast (2012); Collective Show, North Hill Street, Los Angeles (2011); Devine Creation, Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2011); Arrivals, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast (2010); and Futures - Elephant, Glassell Park, Los Angeles (2010).