An exhibition showcasing the work of ten students from across the University of the Arts, London. Works include painting, sculpture, photography, video and illustration.

Carianne Annan is an Arts student studying Fine art at Central Saint Martins School of art. Carianne works with mixed media, but her most recent works have involved acrylic sheets and a variation of different plastics. Colour is central for Annan as she aims to build a lost connection between childhood and adulthood and the everyday coloured objects that are neglected from an adult’s perception of the world but only seen by a child, the bits of chipped pieces of plastics stuck underneath shoes, underneath drains. Annan aims to blur the view of loss and neglect as seen by a child to those of a much older age group.

Anna Dakin studies painting at Wimbledon college of art. She takes inspiration from the universe and consciousness to make abstract paintings and analogue films. Anna is interested in chaos and the order of the universe. She likes to work by bringing out colour from abstract forms. Anna is part of London based painting collective: The Neo-Pseudo Surrealists, who work collaboratively and base work loosely on the grotesque, the saccharine sweet and the juxtaposition between the two, along with the sickly reality of human perception.

Agne Kucinskaite is originally from Lithuania and is currently studying Photography at London College of Communication. Kucinskaite has self-published a book dealing with the specificity of photography and modernism. This work discusses the start of psychology, early theories by Z. Freud and K. Jung and photography as a documentation of science.

Summer Oxley is in her second year studying Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon College of Art. She has a keen interest in Philosophy, which led her to co-found the Philosophy Society. Oxley has a strong interest in kitsch aesthetics and publicly accessible artwork, with a focus on fun and interesting imagery. Her work explores a variety of subject matter, from philosophy to feminism. She is currently creating a series of works which challenge issues of good and bad taste.

Philip Speakman is currently studying BA Fine Art at Central St Martins. Speakman makes 4D works which explore the idea of finding meaning in an absurd world.