Time, transition, utopia and dystopia are common themes that the members of Group 6.0 address in their six minute multi media performances. Different in their age, background and art practice, yet bound together by the idea of investigative performance art limited to the duration of 6 minutes, Part I of Everything & Nothing will showcase on May 10, 2014 live performances by six of its members. Karl Erickson, Tamar Ettun & Moving Company, Kimberly Ruth, Rachel Stevens, Jody Wood and No Hope (aka Hedonic Treadmill) will question human existence, interpersonal relationships, life & death, and the suspension of time and space, as well as the nature and relevance of performance art in today's society.

What is performance and where begins performance art? What makes reality and where are the boundaries to fiction?

The exhibition will take place at Spazio 522 and will open its doors during the West Chelsea Artists Open Studios (May 10 and 11) when five of the artists will perform during the opening night, May 10. A hybrid of an astronaut and gorilla (Karl Erikson) will interact with a series of nonlinear, semi-abstract short videos, exploring the evolution of self, of enlightenment and its imperative. Kimberly Ruth will explore the idea of language, its failures and inconsistencies through a fictional space of an aircraft’s cargo, as a metaphor for the subtle actions that our bodies do in confined spaces.

Tamar Ettun will perform with her Moving Company repetitive actions based on Ettun’s sculptures, while Rachel Steven's performance is based on a combination of a physical slide show and her own interaction with the public. No Hope aka Hedonic Treadmill will open the evening with questions for the audience about fear, desire, life and death. Nothing & Everything invites then on Sunday, May 11, on the occasion of Mother's Day, for a Brunch, when Jody Wood will explore through her performance ideas of subversive femininity and modern mother/child relationships.

Physical artworks by the performing artists will be staged during the entire duration of the exhibition, until June 1. The second part of the project will see the other members of Group 6.0 involved and will focus on Objects versus Action. Dates to be announced.

Spazio 522

526 W 26th Street – Suite 522
Chelsea New York 10001 New York

Opening Hours

May 10 – June 1 (by appointment only)
The exhibition is part of West Chelsea Artists Open Studios.

Related Images:
  1. Tamar Ettun, Its not a question of anxiety, 2014 still of video
  2. Elisabeth Smolarz, Properties Unknow #1, Photography, Series Archival ink, 2014, 15x19 cm
  3. Kimberly Ruth, Black Box still of video
  4. Jody Wood, Duplicitous, still from performance 1
  5. Karl Erickson, Transcendent Ape Drone Meditation, still from performance
  6. No Hope aka Hedonic Treadmill, still from performance