On 1st May 2014, Sascha Bailey will be unveiling his latest venture and foray into the art world with ‘The Route Less Travelled’ – an exhibition that explores the idea that education is not limited to the classroom.

The showcase is a joint effort between Sascha and long-time friends Conor Fitzgerald-Bond and Lily Bloom who have collaborated to form The Something Else Collective. The trio are touted to be the next big creative powerhouse of Gen Y.

The show, which runs from 1st May – 19th May 2014 is part of Covent Garden’s pop-up concept, Floral Street Goes Pop, located at 17 Floral Street, Covent Garden. It will display works from seven artists who have not received a formal degree education, whether through choice or circumstance. Each artist has a unique and distinctive style proving that education is not always a requirement when exploring creativity but in some cases may be a hindrance.

“This exhibition aims to show that there is no one right way of doing things creatively and that nothing worth knowing can be taught. You must learn it for yourself.” – Sascha Bailey

Following in his father’s footsteps and joining his brother on this project is Fenton Bailey who will be presenting a series of photographs that expose his ability to objectify his subject transforming the human body into abstract shapes of beauty (left). Fenton’s highly successful debut show in 2013, ‘Human Relations’, which was also curated by Sascha, garnered a star studded crowd including Jessica Lowndes, Scot Young, Lilah Parsons and of course proud dad, David Bailey.

“Working with family is great. It's belligerent, stressful, personal, emotional, fiery, disastrous, but always rewarding.” – Fenton Bailey

The exhibition will also be the first time Connor Hirst will be revealing his sculptures in which he deconstructs and reforms ordinary objects in a way that shows their effects on the world around us.

Exciting works from graphic designer Tom Hunt, photorealistic illustrator Johann Lester, painter Ollie Sylvester, painter/ illustrator Charlie Harney and street artist Rich Simmons along with a series of live demonstrations and installations.

Believing it’s important to give back to the community, The Something Else Collective will be donating 10% of all profit to The Princes Trust.

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