Faena Arts Center announces two spring exhibitions of distinguished internationally well-known artists Fyodor Pavlov- Andreevich and Agustina Woodgate at the historic flour mill-turned-arts center in Buenos Aires. Within the rich architecture and historical backdrop of the Faena Arts Center, Russian artist Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich will present a multi-layered performance piece in the Los Molinos Room, while Argentinian artist Agustina Woodgate will present a new site-specific work. Fyodor’s Performance Carousel and Agustina Woodgate: GPS / Poetic Social Geometry will be on view beginning May 20, 2014.

Fyodor’s Performance Carousel

Pavlov-Andreevich’s Carousel consists of a spectacular circular stage divided into nine parts, which will be installed, for the first time, in FAC’s Los Molinos Room. As it revolves, the carousel unveils various individual performances, challenging the usual concept of space and time in the visual arts. In his use of dizzying speed, which seeks to break the boundary of purely aesthetic experience, the artist pays homage to the Soviet movement known in the West as “Down with Shame,” which organized nudist marches and evenings in 1922 to sweep away bourgeois morality. His work spans various media and disciplines, delving into the relationship between the hidden and the conspicuous; emphasizing the communication between an artist and his public, and the role of rituals in the visual arts.

Born in Moscow, Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich divides his time between his native city, London, and São Paulo. His major works include: My Mouth Is A Temple (2009, part of Marina Abramovic Presents at the Manchester International Festival, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Maria Balshaw); Hygiene (2009, Deitch Projects, New York); Egobox (2010, curated by Klaus Biesenbach and RoseLee Goldberg, and presented in various places); and Laughterlife (2013, curated by Marcio Harum, São Paulo Cultural Center). Fyodor’s work is featured in the book Performance Now: 2000-2013, written by RoseLee Goldberg (Thames & Hudson, 2014).

Faena Arts Center Buenos Aires

The FAC is a center for arts and artistic experimentation, created by Faena to present groundbreaking site-specific installations and generate ideas and conversation with the international contemporary art world, and within its surrounding community of Buenos Aires. Faena transformed the old machine room of an emblematic turn-of-the-twentieth century mill into a space that fosters and encourages bold creativity on a monumental scale. With its 4,000m of exhibition space, the FAC is the heart and soul of the Art District, and is generously supported in its mission by HSBC and Citroën.

Inaugurated in 2011, the Faena Art Center, under the guidance and overarching vision of Director, Ximena Caminos, has commissioned avant-garde artists to envision and realize major site-specific works, such as: O bicho suspenso na paisagem, by Ernesto Neto (September 2011, curated by Jessica Morgan); Los Carpinteros by the Cuban collective of the same name (May 2012); Walking South by Franz Ackermann (November 2012); and The liminal space trilogy by the Russian collective AES+F (May 2013, curated by Sonia Becce).

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