An instrument used to simultaneously record the temperature and relative humidity of the air, the thermohygrograph is commonly used in museums and exhibition spaces to measure the humidity of the air, as a means of controlling the natural deterioration from climatic variations on paintings, papers or sculptures. By way of a system that involves a clock, mechanical sensors and pens, the machine creates a graph for each 24-hour cycle.

Temperature and humidity are properties of a phenomenon and can be expressed quantitatively. In O Informate, Henrique Cesar uses the thermohygrograph as a tool for materializing the invisible and the intangible. During the 26 days of the installation’s exhibition, in Vermelho’s hall 2, the information transcribed by the thermohygrograph on sheets of graph paper will be presented side-by-side on the walls of the exhibition space, creating a large graphic.

With every exchange of graphical table, the artist Interven in the machine’s report with drawings and notes, pointing conditions that may have contributed to the result of reading.

By making the atmospheric circumstances and conditions of the environment visible, O informante aims to reveal the invisible mass of the exhibition.