Ebb and flow is a celebration of creativity, the making of things for the sake of making. Take it how you will, ebb and flow is about our lives, our creative processes and observations on the natural world. The gravitational pull of the moon and sun tug at our planet. The ebb and flow of the tides affects life from the bottom of the oceans to the mountain tops. This group of friends and artists from North West London demonstrate these forces through talents which result in original and beautiful concepts.

Since its launch in 2009, artisan continues to attract attention in North West London. The role of the gallery is to create a space which offers an opportunity for artists of many disciplines to showcase their work.

Annie Eastham

Annie will present a collection of meticulous small-scale pieces of jewellery continuing with her theme of inspiration from the natural world. This show includes new organic forms reflecting her passion for plant life, as well as some of her classic designs. Each piece is minutely and carefully handcrafted. Annie sells mainly in the US and artisan is thrilled to have her back for this show.

Rebecca Elliot

Rebecca studied and worked as an architect before branching out into illustration and print making. Her work includes 35 metres of history and panoramic illustrations on top of the O2 Centre in London. Rebecca has an impressive list of clients including The Jubilee Walkway Trust, AEG and the RSPB. She is currently working on a series of new prints of exotic hornbills and fierce dogs along with some delicate new ceramics.

Nadjib Lefleurier

Nadjib’s work is the result of an ongoing reflection on his personal experience of life, the challenging, yet fascinating, relationship he has with the world around him. Over the years Nadjib has expressed himself through different mediums such as painting, engraving and sculpture, but recently he has concentrated on lens based art. Nadjib lets his feet and his eyes do the work, capturing whatever touches him, wherever he goes, without any preset agenda. It soon became apparent to him that there is a striking parallel between nature and human nature. By observing one he can understand the other and connect with both.

Richard Tilbury

Richard creates glasswork which is truly unique in design. For this exhibition he has originated a collection using new techniques which push the boundaries of this medium and his abilities. Richards glass embodies the title of the show as the end product is very much influenced by the ebb and flow of heat and colour used in its creation.