Andreina Giorgia Carpenito is fighting for seventeen years to realize his dream, by all means available. This is the construction of a large mosaic in the churchyard of the Parish Church of the Holy Spirit, a large mosaic carpet of the surface of 440 square meters covering the whole churchyard. The mosaic shows the Vision of Ezekiel taken from the Old Testament and reinterpreted by the artist. It actually describes the Source of the Temple, as a small jet of water arises a river of pure water that gives life to colorful fish and lush trees on the other side of the waters of a lake salty burn the vegetation and root crops die, the eternal duality of good and evil that balance is expressed by the wave of stone tiles of various colors.

This is only part of the ambitious project of Andreina; in fact, the floor will continue in the future for another 400 square meters within the church itself, reproducing a colossal plant oak, whose roots are the theological virtues, the trunk of which unfolds in the Four Cardinal Virtues, which depict the Seven Branches gifts of the Holy Spirit and whose acorns portray the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit. The last phase of the project also envisages the construction of a third external mosaic carpet of about 3000 square meters in tile, marble, glass and other multicolored stones, which incornicerà that will develop in the churchyard and surrounding parts, including walkways and colonnades, totemic animals and animated sculptures, stained glass benches and bleachers warm, lush gardens and plants carved. A true to Gaudi's Park will host a sensory disability with educational games chromotherapy, music therapy and olfattoterapia.

The project also envisages a Multipurpose Center for the arts with workshops and exhibition spaces, a self-park for children, an orchard and a community garden, the construction of a bell tower and the renovation of the facade. When the work is completed the mosaic carpet will cover an area of nearly 4,000 square meters. Andreina Giorgia Carpenito working at the construction site of Indicatore (Arezzo ) with great energy, aided by the forces of the universe that come your way and give gifts. Someone sends you a little bit of scrap material, someone else will be booked for the donation of a day's work, some newspaper speaks with curiosity, some television overlooks the churchyard ...

The pieces are, in fact, made with found materials and tiles recovery or waste and ruined lots donated by some Companies from Arezzo. The range is therefore very varied, from porcelain to pottery, the baked brick, made of polychrome marble glass. In fact in the art mosaic can adopt many kinds of materials, which allow different effects: the pebbles used with the function of the filler, the paste of glass to obtain a transparency effect, the square of sandstone if you want an easy cutting the glazed ceramic that offers a wide range of colors, marble has a large resistance, the gold and silver which give a suggestion of intense brightness, blown glass for a transparent effect more blurred. In short, Andreina has been able to use only a fraction of the possible materials, then he has no choice, but try to get the materials available with unusual shapes, unpredictable and dreams, creating a colorful body that breathes between nothing and cement. But we find the same item Andreina the magic of his dream that slowly becomes a reality.

According to the Toltec wisdom, every human being has their own personal dream, what is the secret of your dream?

The mystery of my artistic journey has its roots in childhood, when, lonely child, I transfigured each object with the imagination to marry him better at what I liked most of reality. My language is not confined to the transmutation of matter, but I invented clothing, costumes, alchemical concoctions and even entire conversations in languages nonexistent caught in some kind of secret space of my subconscious ... This was the basis that led me today to the creative process with which I give my life to reality - following the principle of quantum physics - through the transformation of every atom and molecule interacting with me ...

As the various forms that your art has gradually explored, did you come to focus on the mosaic?

I would say that it was a necessity: in fact I own imagination, technical ability and these arms that serve as a tool modeler, therefore I adapt to the circumstance, economic need and the space available ... Also I'm curious to experiment each animate or inanimate that is ... what better tool mosaic art can be adapted to this? And allow the animation of everything giving light and color?

Some argue that the meaning of the term mosaic is " patient work worthy of the Muses ." They are an army of the Muses who come to whisper to the night to give the forms to your work?

The reality, the experiences, the events unroll me senseless in the routine of every day, then, suddenly, in the dusk of the night dream, my subconscious, with the help of a multitude of spirits of the night, Muse or Fairies, Elves or Nymphs as they are, is expressed in clear and defined images ... and then realized that change in my truth ... in essence, by day and by night accumulation seeds germinate giving birth to new ideas ...

The first mosaic decorations dating back more than 5,000 years ago and were born from the Sumerians to protect the brickwork , raw, with a practical urgency so rather than aesthetics. For what need instead is born the great mosaic indicator?

To shape a space in front of the church - which traditionally takes the name of Churchyard - that would allow the encounter between people. Don Santi Chioccioli and I absolutely did not know what material to use, we had no idea what to build, but suddenly I had an epiphany. Thinking of Gaudi, I conceived the idea of a grand mosaic: a mosaic I had never done in my life, maybe that was the right occasion to experiment with a new form of creation ... In this final mosaic is born to a need for socialization ...

Sometimes the meetings that you make on your street are really predestined: how did the partnership with Don Santi Chioccioli?

Sometimes fate is really amazing, creates unforeseen circumstances. Do you think that seventeen years ago I was doubtful and critical of religion despite being a very spiritual being. It happened that one day a country priest - precisely Don Santi Chioccioli - came to bless the house where I was staying and noticed the walls laden with an enormous triptych works on canvas hung on the wall. It was the only work with a religious background that I had ever pictured in my first twenty-seven years of age. Was a pity where a mother nursing a child lovingly - with her breasts exposed and then desecrating an image with respect to the traditional iconography - a Christ much of her adult with two angels at the sides that protected ... He liked it so much so immensely who bought it from there and have started our journey together and our bet ...

On which you base your beliefs common collaboration that has lasted nearly two decades?

Ours was a journey which then turned into Faith, Friendship, Respect and especially comparison to the human level, a kind of Spiritual Marriage with a share that allows you to both express ourselves and grow. Don Saints, through my work, recalls in his small temple but in her welcoming arms, a community of devotees, while I play a Universal God opened the Love for Humanity that is embodied through the material colorful, light, the smell, the music, the sound, the shape, the various facets of nature and the magic of color ...

What spiritual legacy you want to leave choosing the theme of your mosaic work the "Source of the Temple"?

In fact, the theological theme part from him, Don Saints, which then leaves me full freedom of interpretation. As you already know, the Mosaic was not the first of our works, but we started out with a shovel Lignea - about 24 meters square - dedicated to the Holy Spirit. Subsequently, the need arose to darken too much light that the existing ceiling windows in the church - 160 square feet - do not let go, allowing the interior recollection act of prayer. Therefore, we conceived the idea of replacing those windows with the other that would allow light to leak out of portraying a welcoming embrace of color. Thus were born the stained glass windows dedicated to low- Creation of the World - which together cover an area of 80 square meters - depicting the reality of man, and in a second step the huge stained-glass window of the apse - the size of 80 square meters - that is the Trinity and then the Power and the Divine Presence. The choice of the pastor of indicator, then, was dictated by the need to keep the lower part of his temple the link with the more human aspect, and with the Earth, while the windows tall (and dedicated to the facade of the Apocalypse St. John, with 240 historiated panels of polychrome terracotta, for a total of 80 tons of material) was given the task of enhancing the connection with the Divine. So I expressed this theme with my earthly desire for a God Omnipresent and willing to accept the abundance of his warm embrace any and Be ...

As the vision of Ezekiel compares with your dream and what need interior is inspired?

My Dream about a paradise land where any man can come and deal with the Mystery of Nature and the Divine that is in each of us, through the knowledge of Good and Evil, whose ignorance prevents him to get closer to Heaven. In fact, I was inspired by the conviction of Don Pierino Gelmini that the man who eats Goodness and Beauty also be able to transform the World in Harmony and Balance ...

Spirituality and mysticism permeate all your works costellandole of complex and recurring symbolic reasons: a deliberate choice or a volcano of intuition?

I always start with a primordial element archetypal and therefore I rely on intuition instead of the volcano ...

Have you ever seen the mosaics of the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople and the Cathedral of Otranto? What do you think? How emotions when you come into contact with the traditional mosaic? What do you feel a source of Cosmati floor?

I work in front of so extraordinary I realize the skill and greatness of man who is at the center of the universe, sometimes without being aware of it. The wonder in the face of such masterpieces as did not see them live, you must ...

Your mosaic is characterized by a sort of wave of stone and the spontaneous emergence of colorful plants and animals adorable little creatures . What tells us this story? How Nature influences your creations?

The tale tells of a little girl who wants to create a balance in the world between Heaven and Earth and between the elements that compose it: Air, Water, Fire, Earth. I would like to give this through my art Harmony Man, do connect with the balance that exists in nature.

Why is it so important that the mosaic indicator is the biggest in Europe? To counterbalance his birth in a small village? Represents a challenge with yourself? With our times?

Who was born in Indicator not know why, but it is a challenge to myself because up until a year ago I was alone with the only support of the Holy Father in the creation of all these works disproportionate to the size of my finitude. Then there were others, donations, get help from the magic of all, perhaps the Cosmos itself ...

All your work has been done with virtually no economic contributions but by exploiting the desire of the people to donate or construction waste their free time: which energy moves the solidarity of the people? How did the Miracle of Indicatore?

The Miracle of indicator that is becoming of many, is the desire of a community that hitherto unheard succeeds through shared commitment to transform inanimate matter in an explosion of color that will benefit, but that she herself - the community - has contributed to forge ...

It seems like a fairytale journey: in a far away place and lost a fairy and a wizard build you need to create a kingdom helped by the spirits of the elves who support them in their journey. What is the antagonist of the story and what is the happy ending that you wait?

I look forward to the realization of the project in a short aides because of the fairy tale meet in any remote corner and those that are antagonists today tomorrow will be the protagonists, because according to my philosophy, everything is possible, evil turns into good and the Balance at the end permeates their lives.

Your basic idea was the recovery of a gap: a church without gifts and talents made of inferior materials and sagging. You've healed with waste material, transforming it into an oasis of color. What is the color for your life and the lives of all of us?

The very existence in its essence, with all the endless ability to care for the healing of any disease we have upset the natural balance of the soul.

In a place like indicator there are no odors and yet you have in mind an olfactory journey. How are you going to create fragrances and perfumes where it does not exist?

Through the memory generated by the vision that favors the path. The memory of a smell, a taste, a smell needs to be stimulated by the vision of the work, its shape, its color, then what is not there is created in the imagination and thought then takes the form.

As they welcomed the children your permanent laboratories of mosaic? How to guide them in the laying of the colored tiles? What do you tell them about the symbolism of the animals that you are building?

In July 2013 they got 70 adults, children - some 200 disabled and non - arrived just in March. In fact I always work with the inner child whether it be small apprentices whether of adults who have not cared more about him for a long time. I transform their work into play , basically all I do is awaken the inner child that lies dormant in each of us. That child through the work he enjoys discovering its artistic peculiarities and restoring the balance that this oversight had disarmonizzato in their lives.

The mosaic tiles by laying so many disjointed compose a picture, an image, a drawing, reconnect the parties seemingly meaningless. What metaphorically wants to reconstruct the reality that surrounds us?

Since everything is built by man, everything he describes his image in a mirror, so it's a container through which to read his own truth, his own mission, the meaning to be found in existence itself. The mosaic will not only my face but that of all the people who want to dial it with me. I hope they are more and more.

And we hope that Andreina can find many people willing to invest energy in the transformation of an insignificant suburb of reality in a scream of color that opens to the divine. Sometimes it is possible to penetrate into a magical space that breaks down the barriers of time, it happens suddenly without even realizing it, you are catapulted into a protected place where each dimension is dilated and the time becomes eternal. The deity is in every artist who knows how to give to those who observe a different motivation, imaginative interpretation, the wonder of a bold idea, transparent, ethereal but at the same time flowing and essential as existence itself. The artist can make a living stone, it can illuminate with color, can captivate with form, can turn into a certainty or doubt an assumption in reality. Art can move the world and stimulate the changing. If you believe in an idea, if you are driven by a mission and a passion for their work and pleasure, enthusiasm is contagious and drag in his madness those who are willing to accept innovation. To transform we must be willing to give up the superstructure that keep us imprisoned, rely on the thrust of the winds, rolling open sea and forward us the infinity of our ocean.

Through the innocent joy of our inner child, his willingness to continued growth, its impertinent curiosity we can break down the walls of every certainty and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the river of life flowing. Panta Rhei (in greek πάντα ῥεῖ) Heraclitus argued to express this thought: many philosophers and many artists have tried to interpretane moments, sometimes they made a beautiful dream, an addictive game that has enthralled other souls, sometimes the result is trivial and pretentious attempt. The attitude of the artist must be to a Penelope who weaves the web of night of his dream and day it rolls out the wires to be able to weave in a new way in the dream the following night, twilight and protected space where the shadows each idea takes shape. The day is then used to illuminate his fate until the time of the sunset then to resume a new cycle.

Andreina Carpenito does is mix the stones to represent the truth that every day gets out of hand like the tiles of a mosaic streets and takes unexpected and unpredictable that she herself does not know his soul in determining the alternation of light and introspective reflection. At a time when the truth seems to be within his grasp appears to doubt the lady with hair in the wind and robes fluttering like waves. And so she starts looking for another port or another wonderful island to explore, as a leader in the risky journey that many of us are afraid to do, the artist provides the route, fills his ship sailors who follow him and drags them between calm and storm facing the magic of an unlimited navigation where you can lose yourself beyond the Pillars of Hercules with the hope, however, to find the key of themselves and the magic of life that flows changing and changing us ...

Text by Patrizia Boi

Traslated from the Italian by Count Umberto M.A.Verecondi Scortecci. Arezzo, Italy, May 2014.

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