As a woman artist I have an unavoidable instinctive tendency to first of all address the queries about female identity and consciousness, and its relevance and impact in a contemporary context of dissolved values and ideologies, to reflect on the endless attempts of many "Little Red Riding Hoods" to leave home, walk through the threatening forest, swallow a wolf (and a grandmother) … and never look back... (Maia Naveriani).

Until now, the Georgia-born artist Maia Naveriani mainly dealt with images from her instant reality, from film stills and advertisement and images with documentary character in order to investigate the colourful but also 'threatening' sociocultural 'forest' and to find her way through it.

According to Naveriani, the large-sized colored pencil drawings from the current series are a result of cultural memory fragments. At the same time they are a nostalgic processing of life images, which the artist arranges in a different context and thereby creates a "post-real" open space. Quite often Naveriani's playful, collagelike image arrangement is an important means to new interpretation, as every image all by itself would be situated in a completely different area of analysis. Naveriani metaphorically describes her artistic work as a sort of alchemy: as an entering into a mystic terrain, as never-ending trials and errors, as the aim to create pure perfection and instead experience beauty in failures. Colored pencils in particular are able to create transparency and vulnerability in the drawings, which reveal the one and disguise the other layer by layer.

1966            Born in Tiblisi, Georgia
1985/90       Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Georgia
since 1990  Lives and works in London (GB)

Solo exhibitions

2012            "Future Wolves And Chicks So Far", Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf
2008            "At Home with Good Ideas", Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf
2006            "Maia is not a Cat, Maia is a Dog", Netwerk, Aalst (BE)
2004            "What’s the Difference Between Me and You", Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf
2003            "Fantastic New Habits" (with Vera Lossau), Bochumer Kulturat, Bochum
2002            "Singer-Songwriter Maia Naveriani", Cirius Art Centre, Cork, (IRL)
2001            "Provincial Museum by Singer-Songwriter Maia Naveriani", Fordham Gallery, London (UK)
2000            "The Hunting Box" (with Volkh Biely), Fordham Gallery, London (UK)
1998            "Artist of the Day", Flowers East Gallery, London (UK)

Group exhibitions

2011            Fordham Gallery at Maddox Arts, Maddox Gallery, London (UK)
2010            Fordham Gallery, London (GB)
                    "Parallel Remix", Leonard Hutton Galleries, New York (USA)
                    "You can leave your hat on", Schmelahaus, Düsseldorf
2009            "Born in Georgia", CoBrA Museum, Amsterdam (NL)
2007            "Plus", Museum Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden
                    "Suspended", Neues Kunstforum Köln
2006            "Sequence", Performance Video, Basement Art Project, London, (UK)
                    "Fordham at Netwerk", Netwerk, Aalst, (BE)
2005            "And the Ship is Sailing", Performance, Alte Volksbank, Borken
                    "Kleines Affektchen 2", Performance/Video Event, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin
                    "Kleines Affektchen 3", Performance/Video Event, Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf
                    "I’m Not a Suicidor, I’m an Investigator", Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund
2004            "My Mum Is My Dad", Kunst-Raum, Essen
                    "Laburnum Pilot", The Drawing Room, London, (UK)
                    "Kleines Affektchen 1", Performance/Video Event, Museum Bochum
2003            "Paradise", M.A.I.S. Project, Bunker am Alexanderplatz, Berlin
                    "Blind Dates", Performance, Bochumer Kulturrat, Bochum
                    "Charlie’s Place", Annely Juda Fine Art, London, (UK)
                    "EB, D, B, GB", Espace Bizarre, Brussels (BE)
2002            "Little Red Riding Wolf", Galerie Schuppenhauer, Köln
                    "Gaze Traveling", Gallery Suryun, Köln
                    "The Good and The Bad", M.A.I.S. Project, Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool, (UK)
2001             "Grand Canyon", Performance/Video Event, Museum Bochum
                     "1,2,3,4,5", Fields Gallery, London, (UK)
                     "M.A.I.S. Project", Kulturbunker Blochsplats, Berlin
                     "Modification Project", Factor 44, Antwerp, (BE)
2000             "Les Infants Terribles", Fordham Gallery, London (UK)
1999             "Word Volume", Galerie Schuppenhauer, Köln


1999             Vordemberge-Gildevart Foundation, International Prize, 1st Prize
                    (head of jury: Professor Gotthard Graubner)
2001            Artist in Residence Stipendium, Sirius Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland „At home with good ideas“ 
                     Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf (D) 
                     "Born in Georgia", COBRA Museum, Amstelveen (NL)

Participation in international art fairs

Since 2005  Arte Fiera Bologna (I)
                      Art Brussels (B)
                      Art Frankfurt (D)
                      Art Cologne (D)
                      CIGE, Beijing (CN)
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Author: Bea Franke