Because of an ongoing patriarchal condition of the art world, work produced by women has historically been devalued; a tradition which continues today. Craft and low art have long been the labels applied to the work of woman artists.

Unhoused will explore the practice of three emerging American women artists who reject the patriarchal art system and claim their place in the gallery.

The exhibition will showcase three independent identities; how they relate, contrast, disagree and how they collectively exist as women artists. The multimedia work will range across a variety of ideas: from the political sculptures of Hande Lara Server, Andie Meadows' photographic-linguistic portraits, to Elizabeth McDonal’s painterly explorations into materiality.

All of the works to be shown in Unhoused have been produced by the artists during their studies in London. Though the large-scale works range across media, the show will provocatively engage the space as well as the viewer.