This new exhibition from Highgate artist Gohar Goddard begins on Wednesday 28th May.

Popular textile designer, ceramicist and painter Gohar Goddard was brought up in Lahore, Karachi, Paris and London. As one of four daughters of Persian parents her rich and nomadic lifestyle constantly exposed her to a diverse range of artistic and cultural influences.

This new series of Goddard’s art centres on the aesthetics of stillness and calm, captured in the beauty of careful colour coordination and composition. There is an absence of ornament in her work - shape and structure speak for themselves. She thinks in terms of the correlation of shape and space and simplicity is basic to everything she does.

It is the awareness of her environment and the influence of her surroundings that inform every piece whether it be the beauty, simplicity and the calm expressed through her ceramics or the vibrancy of the New York city scapes which she experienced recently.

Every shape and contour, every texture and line has a language of its own to Gohar. Structure and design play and important part in Gohar’s paintings but it the more subconscious marks, hieroglyphics and hidden layers that characterise her style.