John McCann is a Dublin artist. The scope of his work reflects his studies of the art of classical painting at the Angel Academy in Florence. He completed five intensive workshops to learn the techniques of the Old Masters and sessions with the renowned sculptor Jason Arkles in Florence. In addition to this training John studied life drawing under Nick Beere at the Sarum Studios in Salisbury.

John’s current series of still lives are oil on canvas in the traditional manner of chiaroscuro. His classic studies are diverse to his reproductions of Old Masters. John presents a broad range of paintings which form a contemporary visual display of art history.

Peter Price was born and brought up in Dublin. He is a full-time professional artist.

His preferred mediums are watercolours on card and oils on canvas.

Peter specialises in a realist style in watercolours depicting the Dublin cityscape, its people, places and costal scenes. Details and perspective in these works evoke the aura of Dublin in the recent past and the atmosphere of today.

A series of oil on canvas portraits of Irish writers in two tone technique are unique and contrast with his West of Ireland traditional fishermen paintings.

Peter’s former career as a graphic artist and art director in the creative advertising world informs his innovative and timeless representation of his chosen subjects.

Niamh Slack from Mayo is a Dublin based landscape artist.

She works from her studio, or very often outdoors she especially enjoys painting ‘en plein air’. Her oil on canvas paintings executed by palette knife and brush present impressionist style paintings that are vibrant, energetic and full of life.

Niamh’s paintings reflect her love of colour in landscape, seascape, costal, woodland and urban scenes. Her evocative paintings of changing seasons are inimitable to her style and result in instant recognition of her works.