Following six months as the Nina Stewart Artists-in-Residence in the SLG’s Outset Artists’ Flat, Julia Crabtree and William Evans present an unfurling installation across the first floor galleries, which continues their examination of the relationship between the body and the screen.

Their work references the high artifice of B-movies and the spatial logic of cartoon physics as part of an ongoing investigation into the imagery of our collective conscious. As part of this process they subject forms and figures through varying stages of virtual and material transformation, theatrical atmospheric smoke is flattened onto carpet and horizon lines are rendered as abstract sculptures.

Collaborators Crabtree and Evans are the third recipients of the Nina Stewart Artist Residency. Julia Crabtree and William Evans completed their BAs in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martin’s in 2007. In September 2013 Crabtree finished her MA and Evans his MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art. They recently had a solo exhibition, Hyper Bole, at Legion TV, London (2014).

Julia Crabtree and William Evans have worked collaboratively for nine years and see their practice as an ongoing experiment in shared subjectivity. Their work is rooted in sculpture, used as material across installation, video, print and performance.

Applications for the 2014/15 Nina Stewart Artist Residency opportunity open in July 2014:

The Nina Stewart Artist Residency with the South London Gallery is funded by The Nina and Roger Stewart Charitable Trust.

All images Julia Crabtree and William Evans, installation view of the exhibition, Antonio Bay, at the South London Gallery, 2014. Photo: Ollie Hammick, courtesy of the artists