Brian Ferran last exhibited at Noelle Campbell Sharpe’s Urban Retreat Gallery, Hanover Quay, three years ago.

These new works, which will be exhibited in the elegant Georgian rooms of the newly relocated Origin Gallery, incorporate Viking influences and actions in Ireland. This theme and its effect on the monasteries first appeared in Ferran’s work forty years ago. His interest in history, archaeology, Irish mythology and pre-Christian and early Christian carvings and the sea journeying of Colmcille, underpins his work.

In addition to his familiar portrayal of monks and monastic themes, there are more shields, flagstaffs and longboats. His colours are as resplendent as ever, reminiscent of the Book of Kells and other illustrated manuscripts.

‘The Moon’s Course’ remains constant in its orbit, overseeing machinations and never ending earthly strifes for manly power which has been Ireland’s turbulent history over the centuries.

Also remaining constant is Ferran’s craft of picture making as he builds up textured surfaces, emblazoned with golds and silvers and hues of colour, embraced in a compositional frame work which tells many faceted stories.