From 2nd July to 3rd August, Messum’s presents works spanning two generations of the renowned Piper family, including paintings and drawings by Edward Piper, ceramics by Prue Piper, and mixed media works of art by their son Henry Piper.

Edward Piper’s daring, colourful and frankly sexual pictures of women are not strictly nudes, or even figure studies, but unabashed celebrations of the female form, their sensuality heightened by his incorporation of patterning and floral motifs.

Prue Piper’s pottery, its profuse colours, texture and imaginative zoomorphic forms, speak of both her wit and deep love of nature. Inspired by everything from nature photographs to ancient Phoenician, Pre-Columbian, Thai and Afghan pottery, each work is a joyous experiment in clay and form.

Henry Piper’s whimsical creatures demonstrate the creative potential of found objects and materials. Where other people see junk, Piper sees personality; assembling figures from his vast repertoire of metal and material, he gives new life to the discarded, creating creatures that appear fantastic, yet familiar.

Works are priced between £60 - £30,000, and fully illustrated catalogues for each artist accompany the exhibition (£25 for all three, plus postage).