The exhibition dedicated to the works by artist Eracle Dartizio will open on Wednesday, July 2nd at 6 pm, featuring the works he created during the residency at Artistic Foundry Battaglia in Milan.

The young artist from the province of Milan was selected by Battaglia among over two hundred creative projects submitted for the art residency under the 8th Arte Laguna Prize. The choice fell on Eracle Dartizio for the potential of his project, a potential enclosed in the metamorphosis ability of its almost raw shapes, which are transformed through the different material stages of the lost-wax casting process.

The exhibition opening next Wednesday will be on view until July 23rd, and it will exhibit Puddles, Horizon, a series of small sculptures working on the repetition of similar and dissimilar shapes, the puddles in fact.

The collaboration between the Arte Laguna Prize and the historic foundry from Milan was started in 2013 in order to offer an opportunity to one of the artists participating in the international competition, to spend a month of training and creation at the lost-wax casting workshops in the heart of Milan.

The connection with Arte Laguna Prize is part of a wider project the foundry has decided to start last year, by collaborating with various entities in order to promote and transmit the ancient technique of bronze working, from the Masters to young artists. All this happens in a space drenched in history, where the works by some of the greatest international artists were created, such as Arnaldo Pomodoro and Giovanni Penone.

Eracle Dartizio (Vaprio D'Adda, Milan - 1989) Lives and works in Monza.

Work: The puddles are a number of small-scale clay sculptures. They work on the repetition of similar and dissimilar shapes characterized by solid geometries tht have been knead onto themselves by the blow of a hammer.

The poetics of puddles comes from the urban morphology of Brianza, where portions of humanity stagnate, separated by the fields and linked by a single road.

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