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Philip Plisson

Philip made his first steps on the banks of the Loire, between Beauce and Sologne. He discovers La Trinité-sur-Mer at the age of 4 when his father transmits him his first passion: sailing. The need for sea will never leave him! His grandmother gives him, at the age of 9, his first camera which allows him to discover his second passion: photography. He thus made his first portraits of yachts with its Ultra-Fex aboard his flat in the river of La Trinité-sur-Mer. At 18, his need for sea suggests him to embark in the Royal, where he spends two years around the world. On his return, after a few years of commercial experience very rewarding, Philip starts in 1973 in the photographic adventure and founds his company with his wife Marie-Brigitte. He had long ago decided that he would live thanks to the photography before the age of 30! In 1982, after years of sailing competition, Philip jumps into the water in the transatlantic race La Rochelle/New Orleans with Guy Delage. On board the proa Lestra-sport the crossing is sporting! The couple Plisson-Delage leads the race but it is doubled at the arrival by Marc Pajot in the Gulfport channel, Louisiana. Philip has lost 14 pounds in 31 days adventure! Between 1982 and 1990, Philip multiplies reports in the world of sailing and the specialized press, from racing to the America's Cup, through reports for major projects in the marine industry. In Easter 1988 he opens his first gallery of 11 m² in La Trinité-sur-Mer. The company develops and employs up to 37 people. But on 19th September 2010 a terrible fire ravages everything in a few hours, such as a large part of the photographic archive. Today, having lost everything, the founding couple of Pêcheur d'Images left with 10 employees for a new adventure. The press recognized his work of Sailorman and Photographer. Just like Annick Cojean, Le Monde: "The photographer whom the Navy made a Painter". And Jacques-Marie Bourget, Paris Match: "Philip Plisson? What a pretty nom d'embrun for a photographer from unknown seas". And Olivier Voituriez, Neptune Yachting: "An artist whose sea images…went around the Earth". Appointed Painter of the Navy in 1991, he testifies the major events related to the world of the sea in order to preserve the memory of contemporary maritime dimension as wished by Richelieu when creating the Corps of Painter of the Navy. This title gives the right to wear the uniform and the equivalent rank of Lieutenant Commander to such painters, allowing artists to join the famous small anchor to their signature.

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