Cecilia Durán Mena

Among many other things, I like to count. For many years my favorite tools were the numbers. With them I built beautiful castles that collapsed over time. I decided to broaden my horizons, explore with other utensils. Now I also use letters. I love the objectivity of numbers and the beauty of words. Surrounded by letters and numbers I'm happy. That's how creativity sparks up. The castles become both beautiful and solid. I also like to talk. Use words to make arrangements, negotiate. For years I have chosen them carefully to close the best transactions and achieve the greatest benefits. I have had great satisfactions in that field. Talking about my stories and experiences I've managed to touch lives. Being in front of an audience fills me with joy and satisfaction.

I love to listen, so I have studied all my life:

  • I am a graduate of the public accounting degree of the Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México;
  • I studied the Post-Grade of international economic studies at the College of Toledo, awarded by the Fundación Ortega y Gasset;
  • I graduated with honors from the Master of administration at ITAM;
  • I studied a Post-Grade of Negotiation at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.;
  • I belong to the ninth generation of Celso's literary creation workshop Santajuliana;
  • I have a PhD in Literary Creation from the CASA Study Center Lamm;
  • I have been chosen twice by Expansión magazine as an influential businesswoman;
  • I have been awarded with story, short story and essay awards in the United States, Spain, Peru and Argentina.

I collaborate as a columnist in several magazines and business newspapers in Mexico and Latin America. I have published two novels Hermana querida in Mexico and Última mirada in Spain. I won the first prize: ‘Premio de Novela Juvenil Cepa 2017’ in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

I dedicate myself to give training and advice on top management issues. I'm a lecturer, I like to share my experience. I am Editor-in-General of the magazine Pretextos Literarios Por Escrito: the digital version, the printed and the radiophonic one. I cohost the radio programme El Candil de la Casa, on management issues.

I enjoy accommodating letters to narrate stories. I'm very pleased to order numbers. I always honor my words and fulfill my promises. I'm in love with the truth. I thank God for each and every one of my gifts. I found that I like to count, and I can do it using numbers and letters. I like to write and leave Footprint. Wielding the pen has meant me to take the handlebars of life.

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