Manuel Cidrás
Joined WSI in January 2015
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Manuel Cidrás

Thirsty of stories to tell, Manuel Cidras is an enthusiast traveller who, after finishing his studies, has had a number of professionals experiences ranging from being a tourist guide in Amsterdam, a cook in the Doelen Hotel, in the same city, in the place Rembrant has painted the Night Watch, an International Affairs Officer in the Faculty of Environmental Management at the Prince of Songkla University, a political commentator in a Think Tank, a collaborator in a NGO of Defense of Human Rights in the Maghreb, to an occasional private teacher in Rabat, Morocco. Together with those places and experiences, he had has long experiences in countries such as Venezuela, Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, or Spain, reaching to be a good knowledgeable of their cultures. With a Univerity degree in International Studies, granted by the University of Santiago de Compostela, from its current base in Montpellier, France, those vital and intelectual events are the one that constitutes their main credentials he boards with in this adventure in the Wall Street International Magazine.

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