Rabia  Mansoor
Joined WSI in May 2015
Rabia Mansoor

Rabia earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from university in Islamabad, Pakistan. The title of "First job in Rabia's life" was won by "Lead generator" at Barclays Bank Plc, while over her teaching experience of three years, she won the "Best all round teacher" award twice.

Her first article "The impact of advertisement on children's health" was published when she was a student and proved to be a "media magnet". When not writing or reading, you can always find her whipping cream for her creative desserts, singing songs in her freaking voice or playing Candy Mania while lying on the sofa. A really nice lady! You can ask Bill Gates.... A self-proclaimed genuine lady ready to conquer the world. You will be truly amazed by her tendency to be extra sweet. To be continued..........

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