Michelle Fuhrer

Michelle Colette has been a nomad since birth. She is fueled daily by poetry and illustration.

Now in situ in Barcelona she utilizes her wandering passions for art and fashion and lets her expressive mind roam, discover and infuse details into her writing.

At all times, she prefers to exist as an anti-tourist in one of the world's most attractive and touristic cities.

Shedding deserved light on neighborhood haunts and traditions, disguising herself as a non-expat, she is a keen, proficient day-dreamer and risk-taker.

Having grown up in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and in London her spurts are ungeneralized out sourced notions of reverie.

Deciding on ventures and other matters close to intelligence she runs to and from exposure and escapades to savor context and clarity.

(And) here alone she shall remain until her heart's experience runs dry.

Articles by Michelle Fuhrer

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