Omar Waraich
Joined WSI in July 2015
Omar Waraich

I began writing at the age of four with sidewalk chalk. At first it was just pictures but I quickly moved on to using letters and soon after words to convey concepts I could no longer illustrate. Since then I have written school plays, award winning smartphone content and even some televised work.

My favorite author is Stephanie Meyer. Her unique vampire exposition from the perspective of teen angst and romantic conflict is powerfully moving. As much as I prefer literature over adapted film I cannot help but appreciate the production quality of Twilight as well as the brilliant cast selection.

I love Robert Pattinson with the fire of a thousand suns but can still appreciate the gravitational seduction of Taylor Lautner’s chiseled handsome star power. Everything from cast, crew, cinematography, and execution makes this film stand strong against the crumbling walls of Hollywood rubbish. From hardback to silver screen everything about this work has taken a new wind to my creative sail.

I’m currently involved with writing production content for a web series as well as collaborating on some comic books that are currently being illustrated. However my chief interest in writing remains in short fiction and nonfiction. To this day most of my rough drafts still begin where the sidewalk ends.

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