Emanuela Borgatta Dunnett
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Emanuela Borgatta Dunnett

I was born in Turin, where I also carried out my studies. Once I obtained my degree in foreign languages (with a specialization in American literature), I started translating and teaching at the Scuola per Interpreti e Traduttori of Turin.

I still work with languages and I am an online language coach. At the same time, I also collaborate with different art and dance projects.

My love for the arts, in fact, has always been a loyal companion as well as writing. I love writing about everything that catches my curiosity; as my passions play an essential role in my life. Therefore, I have always felt the need to narrate them.

Involving others in a live experience, a book I have read or a ballet I have seen is an incomparable knowledge experience.

The people I have met and the countries I have visited thanks to my various passions, have led to many different accounts, which resulted in my need of writing and involving possible readers.

They say facts are more important than words, but I think it is also correct to say that our favourite authors have used words in a way that has defined who we are and it is imperative for us to respect them.

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