Maya de Silva Wijeyeratne
Joined WSI in October 2016
Maya de Silva Wijeyeratne

I was born in England, grew up in Sri Lanka and now live in London. This means that I have been immersed in a variety of different cultures. I have explored cultural monuments and remnants of ancient civilizations with my grandfather who is an archaeologist, spent days (and nights!) in the jungle because my father is a wildlife enthusiast and visited museums and galleries because my mother loves art and music. My upbringing has left me with a deep appreciation and admiration of all aspects of a country. Visiting a new place is always exciting because there is so much to experience: culture, history, wildlife and art, to list but a few. Every time I visit a place I discover something new; this is why travelling is so wonderful.

I am currently studying law at the University of Cambridge. I have opportunities to travel and to meet university students from all over the world because I participate in international debating tournaments. While I was at school I participated in international tournaments as a member of the National Team of Sri Lanka and as a member of my school team. I enjoy discussing topical issues with others who have different perspectives. I also contribute to a student newspaper at Cambridge (Varsity) and write for other papers. I enjoy visiting literary festivals and reading.

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