Jillian Knipe

Since her 2012 Masters in Fine Art, Jillian's practice has included writing, painting, drawing and sculpture. As part of her curatorial work, Jillian's foremost interest, beyond the aesthetic, is how group shows reveal common concerns and connections amongst artists and with their surrounding environments. This is expanded by her ongoing voluntary roles in schools and with arts organisations. Earlier training in Economics and work in communications underpins Jillian's ongoing interest in socio-economic politics and ideas around the capitalist unconscious. At the same time, she is acutely aware of the unique challenges women continue to face as they develop their own version of artistic visual language and critique. These issues are predominant in her writing. Jillian's artistic practice revolves primarily around identity, belonging and place. Her abstract work is strongly influenced by German and American post war artists. She plays on the process of making art while making art, sharing the opinion that the journey is the work as much as the destination. With a particular focus on partial views, temporary placements, the unreliable surface and uncertainty of meaning, her work often shifts between object and image, pointing towards the interplay of presence and memory.

Articles by Jillian Knipe

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