Aleksandra Pećinar
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Aleksandra Pećinar

Dr. Pećinar is Honorary Academician of Social Sciences of the "International Academy of Social Sciences" (IASS), Palm Beach, Florida, USA. She holds PhD and MA in General Contemporary History, University of Belgrade, Serbia, MA in Management in Leisure and Tourism, City College- Affiliated Institution of Sheffield University, Thessalonica, Greece and BA degree in Contemporary Greek Language and Literature, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Dr. Pećinar is Adviser for Geostrategic Issues in South-East Europe of United Nations mandated-University for Peace -European Center for Peace and Development, Belgrade, Serbia. She is associate of the "School of National Defense" of Republic of Serbia, University "Defense" (Ministry of Defense of Republic of Serbia), a Fellow- member of the National Research Foundation "Eleftherios K. Venizelos" from Chania, Crete, Greece and official representative of aforementioned institution in Serbia. She is a member of the "Institute of Naval history" in Portugal.

Dr. Pećinar is the author of the book "Diplomatic and allied relations of Serbia and Greece (1912-1918)" which has recently been published under the auspices of Ministry of Defense of Republic of Serbia. In addition to cooperation with professional scientific journals such as "The currents of history" and "Archives", Belgrade, "History Illustrated", Athens, her articles were published in business and economy magazine "Profit" from Belgrade.

For her activities she was awarded with numerous awards such as:
- Honorary Plaque of International organizations Lions, Athens
- Gold Medal of H.R.H. King Peter I, Society for the Preservation of the traditions of Liberation wars of Serbia to 1918, Belgrade
- Decoration of the Order of St. Eugenius of Trebizond, Athens
- Decoration of the International Humanitarian Organization" Dr. Albert Schweitzer", Austria
- Honorary Medal under the auspices of Serbian Orthodox Church, Belgrade
- Honorary Medal of Historical-Literary Museum of City of Pushkin, St. Petersburg
- Honorary Plaque of Municipality of Paionia, Polikastro, Greece
- Honorary Plaque of 88th Military Command of Lemnos, Lemnos island, Greece

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