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Having been born in Mexico City in the fifties was like magic and, to a certain point, what I later identified as glamorous. At the time, living was more deliberate and a cleaner, less crowded urban sprawl made for the “Ciudad de los Palacios”, or City of Palaces due to its stately buildings, generous fountains, and beautiful monuments.

It didn´t take long before I ruefully moved to the US border, on the Mexican side, where for the next five years was in close contact with the US culture as well as the Mexican one where, by the way and oddly enough, found quite different from the one I had been acquainted to, so far.

Back in Mexico City, I joined military school for a two-year career, then took a 4-year break living in an experimental hippie commune by the sea in Zipolite, Oaxaca and in my “free” time taught at an elementary rural school nearby. Later on, attended Bellas Artes music school in Mexico City where I learned composition and orchestra arrangements; next, hired by the Federal Government, joined a transhumant theater movement to work with field laborers at their communities in a nationwide educational campaign.

I established my residence in the USA for a 20-year stay and attended high school in Los Angeles, CA; also got GED certified. Back in Mexico, have taught English at IT University and also at Technologic Superior Institute, both in Veracruz; have worked as editor and translator for Nexus Tours in Cancun, and presently, I conduct investigative work and essay-writing for the creation of didactic material for universities worldwide, mainly of the US, for Livingston Research, based in London, UK.

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