Vesna Goceva
Joined WSI in July 2020
Vesna Goceva

Vesna Goceva, PhD in Administrative Law and Public Administration. Over 10 years of experience in Local and Regional Development and Public Administration in the Ministry of Local Self-Government – Bureau for Regional Development.

At the present she works as a Coordinator of Component of the project “Sustainable and Inclusive Balanced Regional Development” implemented by the Ministry of Local-Self Government - R. Macedonia and co financed by Swiss Embassy/SDC.

Title of qualification awarded - PhD. Field of interest: Administrative Law and Public Administration (Aspects of regional policy, Regional development policy necessary for EU accession).

She is the co-author of eleven original scientific papers and has attended over 30 training's in the field of regional development, public administration, law, sustainable development, presentation, negotiation and communication training, managing a project cycle and etc.

She has also taken part in several international scientific conferences as well as the Regions’ open days in Brussels.

- Projects Expert of the PIU responsible for Project Management Analysis, (Technical Cooperation Sustainable and Inclusive Regional Economic Development in Macedonia);
- Assistant for Local and regional development, Regional and local legislation and Finance and Accounting (German Development Cooperation with Macedonia Project name: Regional Economic Development (RED);
- Support MLS on behalf of Expert input to the International Conference on “The challenges and perspectives of Regional and Local development”.

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