Brenda Lee Bohen
Joined WSI in September 2020
Brenda Lee Bohen

Brenda is a Latina woman and a proud Veteran of the United States Army Reserves. She holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Italy. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in the History of Art and Architecture from DePaul University, a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She continues advanced scholarship at the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago. She specializes in advocating the history of the Jews of Rome and serves as a volunteer at the Jewish museum of Rome. Her recent non-published papers continue to be accepted for conference presentations in the USA, Europe, Iceland, and Asia:

-A Mitzvah in Historic Preservation: The Need for the Conservation of Stone Epitaphs Dedicated to Jewish Women in Ancient Rome.
-Davar Acher (Another Perspective) in Ancient Rome: Understanding Greco-Roman History through the Torah and Historic Preservation, (Davar Acher-Another Perspective).
-The Roman Jews and Pope Pius XII.
-Christian Students and the Jewish Museum of Rome.
-Advocating for the Conservation of the Ostia Antica Synagogue in Rome and its Surrounding Landscape.

Brenda is also a Chicago Tour Guide Association (CTGA) member and volunteers with Chicago's Department of Culture Affairs & Special Events (DCASE) providing tours at the Clarke House Museum. She is a licensed and accredited tour guide in Rome, the Vatican Museums, the Jewish Museum of Rome and creates/writes Jewish-themed tours for her colleagues in the Jewish Community of Rome.

-Advocating for The History of The Jews of Rome During Covid-19: The Jewish Museum of Rome.
-The Reception of the דהֵָעק) ֲAkedah, The Binding of Isaac) in Jewish Biblical Interpretation with Jewish Tour --Guides in the Vatican Museums Post Covid-19.
-Ancient Jewish Rome with Laura Hannuna and Patrick Chaloum.
-Renaissance & Baroque Rome: A Judeo-Christian Walking Tour with Laura Hannuna and Patrick Chaloum.

Kol Isha
In Historic Preservation:

-Capitoline Museum, National Roman Museum, Baths of Diocletian.
-Mosaic Hebrew Prophets & Prophetesses of Saint Peter's Basilica.
-The Jewish Quarter in Rome With Laura Hannuna and Patrick Chaloum.
-A Contemporary Rome Jewish Experience.

and others in progress…

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