Roy Morrison

Roy Morrison is a solar energy developer, Managing Partner of Renewable Sun Partners, author, social theorist, and activist.

Roy Morrison has more than 40 years of diverse energy experience. This includes energy efficiency work and technical assistance for businesses, institutions, and government.

He was Founding Director of Office for Sustainability at SNHU and wrote the first law in the nation for municipal aggregation under retail electric competition.

He also founded the NH Consumers Utility Cooperative, the first seller of competitive electricity in NH, and was founding staff member of the UNH Energy Office.

He was a safe energy activist with the Clamshell Alliance in the 1970s and 1980s, co-founder of the American Peace Test, and staff for the Nuclear Freeze Campaign in the 1980s.

His latest book is Sustainability Sutra. Forthcoming are two books: The Green Republic and Ecological Economic Growth (EEG).

Roy Morrison helped edit the Hangzhou Declaration for a Global Ecological Civilization. His Chinese associates inform him that he was the first person to use the term Ecological Civilization in his 1995 book, Ecological Democracy.

His latest work focuses on ways of making economic growth mean ecological improvement and developing means to value ecological sustainability and sustainability as the new gold through the use of a new regulatory asset Sustainability Credits (SCs). SCs to be monetized on the books of banks as paid in capital and as cash to be used for further renewable investments in multi-trillion dollar scale.

Articles by Roy Morrison

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