There are questions for which we know no origin, and these questions, which can rise in a mind, are very much nonsense for some but fascinating for other individuals. This is what they want to decode. What is above that sky? When will the one we love come? Some civilisations even found out the answers but they had to face destruction for their effort.


This is a story which makes us question things again. Where has the City of Atlantis gone? The City which consisted of such citizens who all became corrupt, who all possessed such knowledge and reached the highest of skies, so much that they forgot the almighty, the giver and the taker of their knowledge and art. They have acquired so much knowledge that they started to worship themselves as Gods, and made the poor and the ill worship them, too.

(Most of the theories and researches suggests that, Atlantis was a vast island and it had lands from Spain to Greece (Yunaan) but on the other side some people argue that Atlantis was stretched from the Middle East to the Black Sea. I want to quote this city as Yunaan only because it is the only place which is being named in the recounts of this story by the ancestors of ages long gone)

Once, there was a city called 'Yunaan' which is now known as Athens (Greece) The people of Yunaan have achieved the highest limits of knowledge, literature and warfare, but with all this they also developed a sense of over confidence. One day God called upon his best angel, Prophet Gabriel and ordered him to visit the city of Athens. With this god also told Gabriel that he will destroy the whole civilisation of Yunaan. He also ordered Gabriel to ask the most important questions to the people of the city of Yunaan.

Following the order of God Gabriele reached the Earth and then he reached the city and roamed its streets and its squares and around every part of it. Finally he asked some lesser citizens of the city and they turned around to talk to him. Gabriel asked “Do you know, where God is right now? After some discussion they replied "God is everywhere around us, right now and all the time. " and Gabriel again asked them, "Where is Angel Gabriel right now?" both citizens looked into his eyes then looked up in the sky and looked onto the Earth and said " Angel Gabriel is neither in the highest tires of skies nor in the deepest core of Earth" Gabriel immediately asked "So, Where is he?” One of the Citizen once again looked into his eyes and replied “Either he is one of us, or surely you “.

Angel Gabriel returned to the skies realising that every inhabitant of Atlantis City (Yunaan) has achieved this level of knowledge and that it will be the destruction even of the heavens, so then God ordered the destruction of the whole civilisation in one day. (Athens had enjoyed a very rich history and that is why even today historians and archaeological organisations give special importance to the history of Athens and its past affairs)

This story confirms that even though there are answers which can be discovered, there are some answers that should not. The nature has always served the human kind with every privilege but humans always disregard this gift. A sense of over confidence, a sense of disbelief, a sense of heathen always captured the Human mind. A human can question the very essence of their being, but then after finding the answers, they should not disbelieve, disbelieve that their mind and their thought is a gift from the almighty. If the almighty can make a human think and rise to the skies of knowledge, then he can also make them fall in every possible way.

Plato, Aristotle and Socrates tried their best and even achieved the highest of knowledge, but what came of this? Civilisation after civilisation most of their works lost and most of them disregarded by the Great Kings. Those Kings, who found that their texts were diminishing their power, their knowledge and their Majesty. The people in 21st century are actually learning the mere 10 % of what Athens have achieved at the time of its peak. This is not a mockery of the modern world, but a result of disbelief.

Philosophy is an aspect and even a part of Politics as a subject but the emphasis of most people have turned more on politics and less on Philosophy and positive aspects related with it.