“Prepare to explore. To brave treacherous waters and mutinous crews. Defy ruthless pirates and fearsome captains. To discover worlds of stars and science, of waves and wonder. Places where all are either brave souls or cowardly hearts. Which will you be?” - Glan, Museum Curator

Embark on an adventure on the high seas of maritime history with Punchdrunk Enrichment and the National Maritime Museum, in Against Captain’s Orders: A Journey into the Uncharted.

In an exclusive first for the museum industry, the National Maritime Museum is collaborating with Punchdrunk Enrichment to take six to twelve year olds and their families on the adventure of a lifetime. Against Captain's Orders combines the National Maritime Museum's wealth of maritime history and artefacts with Punchdrunk Enrichment’s innovative practice and commitment to creating captivating, educational experiences.

Life jackets will be donned as visitors become part of the motley crew of HMS Adventure. Taking on seafaring roles of Ship’s Watch, Navigation, Midshipman and Salvage, the teams will be called upon to navigate through this extraordinary exhibition.

Harnessing the heroics of Grace Darling, who launched a daring rescue mission of shipwrecked sailors, the intuition of Captain Bligh, who journeyed over 4,000 miles with the help of just a sextant and compass after being abandoned by his crew, and the intellect of Sir Francis Drake, one of the first men to circumnavigate the globe, audiences will live through their very own nautical adventure.

With so much history secured in one museum, so many doorways to other times and other worlds, Against Captain's Orders promises to be exciting, enlightening, and perhaps just a tiny bit dangerous.

Against Captain’s Orders is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.