To write this story, The Great Tree of Milden Worf, I gave freedom to the many lively characters that came forth, to emerge and take reign within its very pages. Delightful, fantastic and inspiring, I hope they will be for those who venture to read this adventurous tale. Each character and chapter seem to seek to resolve their plight through magic or intriguing plot. I thank them for their steadfastness to achieve successful end. And, I hope that children of all ages may find in it a treasure to behold.

To believe in witches, sorceresses, wizards, warlocks, spells and odd things to tell, is quite an endeavor for Elegie and Euphonious, two young sprites that live in the carefree village of Milden Worf. Gathering wild berries to make sprite-berry pies and to roam the delightful serene woods of Milden Worf, is all Elegie could ask for. But when her encounter with Magma, a Titanian sorceress, takes her beyond the limits of reason and simply good sense, she is overwhelmed by her confrontation with the good and evil that exist together in the world of magic.
However, heedless and strong-minded, to still prove her belief that witches, sorceresses, wizards, warlocks, spells and odd things don't exist, she sets out to prove it together with Euphonious when a great treasure has mysteriously been stolen from Milden Worf. They must, therefore, leave the secure and safe boundaries of their homes and the peaceful life of Milden Worf in exploration of the truth. To Elegie's surprise though, she is to be faced with and challenged by exactly what she intended to prove doesn't exist.

Captured by giant size conjurers of spells and menaced by ferocious ghouls, the two sprites are led to venture within the depths of the frightful Crested Woods. Disturbing encounters there unveil a world of dwarf elf-mischief and a dark wonder where Arduwas and other creatures skulk about. Misdeeds and trickery guide their paths too, toward the stolen treasure that has been newly hidden, and to another treasure more precious than the first. Even more awaits them, when severed bones of an unmarked tomb cast light upon the secrets of a terrible legacy of evil intent.

And the hour of savage revenge that resurges within the hearts of all Titanians against the sprite world, resurrects rancor for the mighty battle gone lost between them centuries before. For the tales of their past that will bring consequence, have awakened the Milden Worf Elders from eternal sleep, to counsel the villagers in wait for mortal end!

All in all, and in the end, Elegie's journey towards the truth and to retrieve the treasure, bring her to set things right in a new perspective to understand that anyone can believe in witches, sorceresses, wizards, warlocks, spells and odd things to tell. But what's more important than magic and odd things to tell, is courage, might, loyalty and...good ol' friends.

Barbara Lois Hurt, The Great Tree of Milden Worf, 2012

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